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This Sunday night is WWE Survivor Series 2020, the final pillar of the year for Stamford, and brings us a full secular menu and a retirement celebration for the 30th anniversary of Undertaker Wins offers. McMahon.

Expect so little for the Survivor series this year. The context could not force Stamford to base the package on the creation of pay per view, where Roy and Smackdown will fight for the dominance of famous brands. We have no rivalry between red and blue, very few class-to-class races other than smackdown-go-home, no invasion angle or anything like that. . .

No NXT this year, the two rosters seem very far apart to avoid contamination between the Performance Center and Thunderdom, as was the case in September. Return If we are to believe that the rumors of a few weeks ago should also be part of the map and play an important role in the pay per view, we know what happened to them. We will look at Roy Vs. Satisfying Smackdown. The base.

Two traditional playoffs from the Survivor series on the program, a man and a woman. We do not have five-to-five in the teams section and this is not bad. Even with the rivalry between the teams, there is not much to eat. . Stories are more internal to teams, especially raw.

For the men, AJ Styles fights to unite his team of Brown Strawman, Sheamus, Matt Puzzle and Keith Lee, while for the women, Shayna Bassler and Nia Jacks have the playful pleasure of murdering Lana who wants to prove she deserves to be part of The team that occupies the whole space of the story. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke have to stop the “Honestly, It’s Not What You Do” mode to be replaced by Lacey Evans and Payton Royce.

In SmackDown, the teams finished at the last minute. Otis starred in the homecoming episode of Blue Show Kevin Ovens, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin, while Natalya and Bayley joined Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Teams that at first glance seem more serious and more likely to win – although Otis and Natalia have joined them in recent weeks, despite losing qualifying, we will not be surprised by such things. By WWE.

Whoever said RAW vs SmackDown obviously thinks champion against champion matches with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre – who beat Randy Orton pretty quickly a few days before the pay per view on Roy and a tasteless win compared to the first and to the Roman regents, After World Champions.

A poster that always sells more dreams than the first advertised and, above all, more excitement. Which champion will be stronger in this match, or Wins McMahon will not compromise the credibility of both champions? We ask ourselves.

Women hardly have a lot of batteries, and that’s a shame because a poster like Asukas against Sasha Banks is clearly under the hood. Sasha Banks recently became the champion and her victory would benefit the most as a rivalry with Carmella awaits her return – not that Carmella is a threatening opponent, but could also remain believable as long as Asuka rules. . Is almost invisible and does not risk much.

The teams also have a nice poster. The two funniest and most popular WWE teams go head to head. The New Days vs. Road wins, whose final armament is primarily a change of design belt and where the road wins a duel between two respected teams, would not hurt anyone before the divisions team really reboots the two brands. – because it’s a little chaotic right anyway.

Intercontinental champion Sammy faces American champion Bobby Lashley. Here we are more heel to heel and it is rarely exciting, luckily Zayn knows how to entertain. The last time the two were in a feud, we had our heads in our hands and Lashley was victorious. On Friday night, Smackdown hinted at Zayn that WWE was protecting Lashley, and we would not be surprised if he was “protected” with another win this Sunday, even though he did not really offer the American champions – his two. Last. The title defense is Slapjack and Titus O’Neil of RETRIBUTION. Of the dream.

Finally the kickoff will take place during the raw party against Smackdown, because there was announced a battle royale in which we will find talents from both brands.

The episode of the Survivor series is not crazy. He will and most importantly be shaped by the farewell speech of the Undertaker in his wrestling career – unless he does so with Mark Henry and 37-30 years later on his way to a new match at WrestleMania. . His debut in WWE. Otherwise, it matches what the Stamford company has been doing since the beginning of the pandemic, and she performs its mission without searching for the effects. Will we have surprises on Sunday? We hope.

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