L1 (J12): Nimes revives against Dijon


Since the end of the summer, in a difficult match between teams, Nîmes was attractive. The promoted player shared Dijon (4-0) in a full game and gained fresh air.

The debate

Nimes did not taste the nine games. And obviously this flavor was missing. The crocodiles were hungry and consumed the Dijonis. It should be said that the score was opened by Alex Runarsson's set. During the match, the supporters had more desire. And good luck. Despite the reign of Burgundy, Nimes has proposed effective play in both repair areas. After six attempts, they evaluated four times. Téji Savanier doubled the bout with a fine free kick (29). Denis Bouanga did not have to go too far to double (5, 64). If he was more careful about the defensive opponent, he would have been able to get a hat-tricks, but at the first stage (37th) it was a worthless goal. Like a good captain, Anthony Briançon broke off to score fourth at the end of the game (87). The ice cream on the cake.

But more than this offensive appetite, this flavor is the defensive effort that has allowed the Bernard Blaquart men to win. The 4-4-2 match was really tempting. Denis Bouanga and Sada Thioub on his side allowed this system to change from 4-2-4 on the offensive stages. Renaud Ripart held the right rear position. And despite the fact that this system was unbalanced, the defense that was heroic. The Gardois collective was attacked by Florent Balmont's attack partners. The latter was the ball in most games without being able to score. The danger has diminished to a minimum. Julio Tavares had two options and again … Nimes tested a new diet that seems to work. And if appetite comes to eating, then you can get some taste for victory. OGC Nice is the next opponent in the menu.

The movie of the match

5 minutes (0-1)
Alex Runarsson is completely liberated and Umut Bozok has the advantage. The striker, Nîmes, seeks to center, but a Dijonnais who pushes the ball. Denis Bouanga is at the front desk and leaves no chance.

15 minutes
Julio Tavares is far from Florent Balmont's head. The ball hits everyone and ends on the ball with Paul Bernardoni crossword.

30 minutes (0-2)
Téji Savanier instantly fired Umut Bozok's 20m free kick. The ball was perfectly lit and ended in the race in a helpless Alex Runarsson roof window.

65 minutes (0-3)
Denis Bouanga was launched against Téji Savanier. Gabonese sets Alex Runarsson and allows Nimes to board.

68 minutes into the match
Julio Tavares takes advantage of Loïck Land's poor recognition to question Paul Bernardoni. The goalkeeper of Nîmes makes his face delightful.

87 minutes (0-4)
Anthony Briançon took advantage of an error if it was scored for Nîmois. The symbol of the evening, where everything was successful in Nîmes.

Tops and Flops


Denis's livelihood Bouanga it was very good for Nîmes. The center of the effective Nîmes transition. He opened the field fox point and scored 3-0 on a counter sample. He is a great player who will be good to Nimes if he is not injured.

Teji Savanier metronome on midfield. The balloons were completely dropped in the middle of the game and spoke technically fluently. His 2-0 free kick is as good as Denis Bouanga's 3-0 goal. A recital.

Anthony BRIANCON was important in Nîmoise's defensive strength. As usual, the captain has won many duels since he is very clean. His extraordinary defensive performance is crowned with the late goal of the game. She wondered how she was able to enjoy the mess. Evidence of your state of mind.


Alex Rúnarsson that Dijon is flowing alone. His pellet opens the Nimes before entering the Burgundian camp. He was feverish in the other games and scored six goals in six opposing shootings. Without a match the Icelandic international who is able to do better.

Laurent Ciman he was not the leader of the dijon defense. The Belgian was not reassuring and was guilty of a serious irregularity that offered 2-0 free kick to Nimes.

Benjamin JEANNOT there were not many interesting balls in the match where his team was in possession. The Dijon striker has not scored a goal this season.

The referee reports

Mr. Schneider did not have much to do with an interesting rhythm band and some bugs. He did a good match and did not hesitate when Dijonnais pressured several positions but hissed correctly.

The match sheet

L1 (Day 12) / DIJON – NIMES: 0-4

Stade Gaston Gérard (12,113 spectators)
Cool weather – good lawn
referee : M.Schneider (6)

points : Bouanga (5th and 65th), Savanier (30th) and Briancon (87th) Nimes

warning : Ciman (28.) for Dijon

expulsion : None


Runarsson (1) Rose (4), Ciman (2), Yambéré (4), then S.Coulibaly (68), Alphonse (5) – Sliti (4), Said (45th to fifth), Balmont (6) and J. Keita (65), Lautoa (3), Married (3) – Tavares (cap) (5), Jeannot (3)

It did not take part : Allain, Aguerd, Chafik, Haddadi
coach : O.Dall'Oglio

Bernardoni (6) – Ripart (5), Briançon (cap) (7), Landre (5), Maoua (6) – Thioub (5), then Depres (86), Valls (6), Savanier (7), Bouanga (8) – Bozok (6), followed by Bobichon (78), Guillaume (5), then Alioui (67)

It did not take part Valletta (g), Lybohy, Miguel, Paquiez
coach : B.Blaquart

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