Gullit's secret hope for Hazard


Eden Hazard

While there is less and less doubt about an upcoming departure from Eden Hazard to Real Madrid at the end of the season, a former Blues Glory hopes to see the Belgian International continue its career in London's Club.

In an interview with target UK, Ruud Gullit, former glory of Chelsea, expressed his hope to see Eden Hazard stay »I hope he will stay, I hope he will have the opportunity to join this team. There are many players in the Premier League that everyone sees leaving. Maybe Paul Pogba will leave, Ander Herrera, Christian Eriksen, Harry Kane too. Everything is possible, we do not know, He said.

Realistic gold

And to add: »Nobody can resist real Madrid. It's the biggest club in the world, so it's hard for them when Real Madrid comes, I think anyone will make this choice. Let's see what real Madrid really wants to do. They have big plans, but wait and watch "

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