Game of Thrones Time 8: Will Era Dark Kill Daanis


Sunday Night, Game of Thrones fans will be due to a new episode of season 8. Aria may also kill DAAISIS!

Sunday night, fans of Game of Thrones Will be able to discover the episode 5 of the season 8. It is possible that Anda goes to King's landing to kill offense! Attention, the article contains spoilers!

Since the beginning of season 8, there are tensions between deniers and Sansa Stark. The Winterfell Lady has no confidence in the dragons' mother. So, The latter did not hesitate to discover Jon Snow's secret To Tirion Lannister. Now, everyone knows that DAENSEIS is not the only contender for this chair.

In theory, Andrei Stark has nothing against denying it Game of Thrones. Nevertheless, she is close to her family and she wants to do everything to protect you. Now that she knows Jon Snow's secret, the latter could change his plans. It is possible that the young woman gives up the thought of scratching the names of her list. InsteadShe'll decide to kill Daenris at King's landing!

Game of Thrones: Will you be able to kill down snow for Jon Snow?

Nobody still knows how Andda really reacted to learning Jon Snow's origins. So, the woman can decide Kill Daenis to Protect Jon Snow And for him to ascend the throne. It would be a suicide mission for you. However, Anna said she didn't have to return to Winterfell one day …

The fans of this series are inferior to believe in this theory. Especially since they have noticed Downsides also have green eyes. Aia could see Daenerys as a threat to the stability of his family but also to Westeros. In any case, this theory would be consistent with Serbia's prophecy. Surely, Anda will not kill, but one of her brothers … Aria will never finish scratching all the names on her list …

The next episode of Game of Thrones Sunday night will be held in the United States.