Game of Thrones: Season 8, which predicts the date

HBO increases pressure in beauty. #ForTheThrone

We once thought that it was season 8 Game of Thrones We will wait until next June. Lastly, it's springtime Game of Thrones he will play his final battle. The HBO American Channel has just set up a new concept for Season 8 (below). A trailer that collects all the highlights of the series, and finally announces: "Released in April 2019"!

We know that this trailer is not a fake, nor a trailer manufactured by fans, since it was published directly on official Twitter account Game of Thrones.

Passing HBO launches #ForTheThrone. Because "Every battle. Every edition. Any risk. Every fight. Every victim. Every death " from seven years, he will decide who will go on the iron throne, in the end …

This will be visible less than six months in season 8 Game of Thrones on HBO and in France at OCS.

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