Fire in the Ocas market: Idrissa SEC and the Revimi party sympathize with the grief of traders

The “Revmy” party reacted after the fire broke out in the Ocas market in Tauba. Through the voice of her spokesperson, Idrissa SEC says she sympathizes with the pain of “Brave“Traders who have suffered material and / or financial losses.

Complete the message from Revmy:

After the violent fire that ravaged the Occupy market in Toba, President Idrissa Sek and the Revmy Party sympathized with the pain of brave merchants who had suffered material and / or financial losses.

President Idrissa SEC and the Revmy Party show their full solidarity and intend to actively participate in the solutions recommended by the President of the Republic and expressed by the Minister of the Interior during his visit to Tuba, for Caliph General Mourides, Serigne Mountakha Mbacké , Including immediate support for disaster victims and a more lasting solution to the scourge, in the Ocas market in Toba than in other markets in our country.

Done at Dakar on November 22nd, 2020

* Daouda Ba
Spokesman for the Revmy party