Driven by the digital, Le Monde turns to young people and abroad (president)


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Montreal (AFP)

Daily La Monde's group, now profitable by its digital strategy, focuses its efforts on attracting young people and readership abroad, Friday said, president of Louis Dreyfus, visiting Montreal.

His future is mainly based on his "ability to attract new readers", "to reach the new generations and even beyond our borders," said Louis Dreyfus, CEO of the Monde Group at a conference in the Montreal International Relations Council ( CORIM).

The media group, which brings together the eponymous daily but also Courier International, OBS and Telirama, among others, made a profit of EUR 15.3 million in 2018, thanks to its digital content.

The group's "conquest of new audience", especially those under 25, is mainly based on digital platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and YouTube, according to the group's president.

Le Monde claims, for example, a million readers under 18 on Snapchat, who "read us for free, but if in 10 years, I keep 15-20%, and I can get them to pay, I transformed the business's Business model, "said Dreyfus.

The press group also has international ambitions, all of which include Africa, which includes about thirty journalists, but also a possible "English version" in the future.

"At the moment, any of the major media has managed to build a portfolio of digital subscribers abroad, so we consider that it is a major issue for us," explained journalists Mr. Drifter, stating that meanwhile, "13% of subscribers Are not French subscribers ".

Currently, nearly 70% of sales are coming from readers, and the proportion of digital subscribers of the 313,800 subscribers to Le Monde in 2019 is now in the majority compared to subscribers.

"We consider that the future of quality printing is a paid print," said Mr. Dirafus, adding that "for two or three years, a cycle has been reversed, with more and more people willing to pay for quality information".

In this sense, La Monde has hired 140 more journalists since 2010 because "to make a quality media, you need more journalists," according to Mr. Dreyfus.

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