CIBC Port-Cartier Closure: Gigiak Keeps Hope, But Not Thibault


ArcelorMittal is the adversary of the closure of the cause of the Port-Cartier branch. The President of Chamber of Commerce Michelle Gignak hopes, but not the mayor alone, Thibault.

CIBC executives defend in public meeting
Last night the decision to close the Port-Cartier branch. The bank wants
To install an ATM and invite its members to do business with
The Sept-Îles branch.

Gignak optimistic

According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce and former director of the
CIBC Port-Cartier Michel Gignak, ArcelorMittal is a major club client
And the closure of the Port-Cartier branch does not suit
Mining company. He believes that Arcelor's support will make people think
Torrent executives in Toronto.

Thibault pessimist

Mayor Alion Thibault is less optimistic following a meeting with Sick executives, who do not respond to all of his requests. The Mayor of Port-Cartier invites its citizens to transfer their accounts to debtors, which operates a counter and branch in its city.

Alta Thibault will support Chamber of Commerce in no way to invite other financial institutions to take over CIBC in Port-Cartier.

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