China officially recognizes Biden’s victory

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US. It. Presidential election, in which analysts called a message of “goodwill at the right time” after China adopted a cautious approach against the strongly contested results in the United States. This could mark the return to a major new relationship between the two powers, following a period of tensions that have dragged bilateral relations.

In his speech, Xi Jinping stressed that the promotion of a healthy and stable development of the Sino and US. It. Relations are not only in line with the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two peoples, but are a common expectation of the international community.

“We hope that the two sides will maintain a spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, but also that they will focus on cooperation, properly manage their differences and support sound development. And stable Sino- US ties, “said the president, who called on China and the United States to work with other countries and the international community to advance the noble cause of peace and development in the world.

On the same day, Vice President Wang Kishan sent Kamala Harris a message of congratulations for his election as Vice President of the United States.

“This is a temporary message, because the US authorities have officially started the transition process. It also shows China’s goodwill to cooperate with the United States,” said Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations. University of China’s Foreign Affairs Office. Xi Jinping’s message to the President-elect of the United States highlights the expectations of future cooperation between the two countries.

According to some experts, the time of transition in the United States has begun, which is Donald Trump’s way of “adding” the victory of his opponent.

Xi Jinping’s congratulatory message to Joe Biden was sent 18 days after the November 7 screening by the mainstream US. It. Media of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election and 2 days after the US. It. Green lit the transition, reflecting China’s cautious approach to the highly contested election results, in line with the policy of respecting US. It. Election results and voter choice.

In the past, China has sent congratulatory messages to newly-elected presidents of the United States as soon as the results are revealed, said Yuan Zheng, a member of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (ASSC). However, “the chaos of the 2020 elections pushed China to take a cautious approach,” he said, adding that Russia should also send its congratulatory message soon.

Da Wei, director of the Institute of American Studies at the Institute of Contemporary International Relations of China, says now is a good time for China to send its congratulations to Joe Biden, “not too early and not too late”, while The final results will be announced by the US Congress in January.

Following the congratulatory articles, attention will now be focused on how the two sides communicate and address the long list of challenges accumulated over the past four years, from a persistent war and technology war to what Chinese politicians called “interference” from America in China’s Internal Affairs in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Zinjiang.

In China, Joe Biden is considered an “old friend” because his visits to the country left a positive image in the memory of the Chinese, whether when he was at a basketball game, when he arrived. Accompanied by his granddaughter who teaches Mandarin or even when he went to Sichuan to meet the affected populations after the 2008 earthquake.

Some Chinese geopolitical experts believe that the rationality of the Biden administration could further help China and the United States break through the current dilemma that has led to the disruption of bilateral relations.

Xi Jinping’s message to Joe Biden underscores China’s understanding of a new type of major-power relationship that was established in the Obama era. In this, it may be considered as an extension of the latter.

The message expresses the hope that the new administration of the United States will lead the Sino-American relations right, find the way of win-win cooperation, emerge from the bottom of the wave and achieve healthy competition, note Yuan Zheng. “The development of a new model of relations between major countries is a constant position of China.”

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