Cameroon: a profit of 1.7 billion CFA francs of the electricity operator in 2017 (report)


Although it goes from 22.42 to 19.6 billion Fkfa the net result of the year is considered as "relatively interesting" thanks to a better performance of the financial activity (depreciation and financial provision, financial expenses).

Similarly, revenues increased by 8.5% between the two periods, due to higher sales and other capitalized revenues and production of the increase in rate compensation (4.25%). Billion FCFA) Following an increase in demand, increased sales of energy and other products (11 billion).

Enio, in the same way, reports the increase in capitalized production (24.4 million DKFA), but it is reported to have a capitalized share capital (-15.1 billion Fkfa).

The Operator Operator is increased by 4% compared to 2016, although the work is invoiced at 1.710000000 FCFA and the reversals of operating provisions are slightly below 8%.

The subsidy subsidy is also increased by CFOO 4.25 billion in 2017, or CFAF 24.5 billion resulting from the tariff compensation following the blocking by the Government of the increase in tariffs to consumers, against CFAF 20.2 billion in 2016. A variation mainly About the difference between the turnover and the minimum allowed.

The electronic operator, a subsidiary of the British investment fund Fund, also saw its other products grow by 4.9 million FKA compared to 2016, while its operating expenses are up 10%.

In 2017, Eneo claims the connection of 99,431 new families and businesses to the electricity grid, bringing the number of active customers to 1,184,372 at the end of the year for a growth of demand of 4.8%, a change in customer base 7.44% between 2014 And 2017, an electricity access rate of about 62% and an overall decrease of 30% of the ancillary energy.

Among the difficulties encountered in the final financial year, the operator reports the tense situation of the cash position of the company, the overload of the transmission and distribution networks, the delay in the commissioning of the hydroelectric dam. Meme (South), losses caused by fraud and vandalism, "two major lines that severely won the quality of service and challenge us all."

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