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Amazon is becoming the most powerful brand in the world


Each year, WPP and contortion brand ranking brands devote the most valued brands in the world. It is based on a survey of over 3.5 million consumers worldwide. It takes into account the value of a brand determined by its role of purchase, the clarity of its positioning, the company's financial and commercial performance.

The 2019 branding is dominated by Amazon, which comes to Google for the first time. Google is actually third, just behind Apple.

" With a growth of 52%, Amazon becomes the strongest brand in the world and ends the domination of Apple and Google ", Write the authors of the study." Amazon manages to increase its value over time through smart acquisitions (after revenue sources), excellent customer service, the ability to provide its competitors with a variety of products and services. "

Brands-2019-Top-100-1Brazzia 2019: Rankings 1 to 50

The Amazon brand value is estimated at $ 315.5 billion. Apple and Google also grew, but to a lower extent, with $ 309.5 billion (3%) and $ 309 billion (2%) respectively. Behind the top three are Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, Alibaba and Tent.

Among the strong growth brands, instagram (+ 95%, 44rd place), which clearly suffers far less than its Facebook parent (-2%) of an image damaged by data confidentiality issues. Other brands with strong progression are Netflix and Uber.

Brands-2019-Top-100-2Brands 2019: Rank 51-100

From the Newcomers, Xiaomi rolled in 74th place with a value of 19.8 billion dollars. For Huawei, we are also 47, but next year's ranking …

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