A man conceived by the fumes evacuated … Twenty burned cantons


The Fire Brigade Fire Brigade No. 1 firefighter was on the scene with his people whom he warmly congratulated. Anxiety, because it is about him, made a fire on the Sandaga market: "We were alerted to the blows of 21 hours 40 minutes for a fire in the Sandaga Market a stone outside of the El. Malick Shopping Center, the nearest vehicles, including the Malick Sy Barracks and the Interior Ministry, arrived and were quickly evacuated nearer houses and beyond, considered to contain the fire at its initial volume.
The damage is very important, but we have not yet made an exclusive assessment. However, about twenty canteens come up in smoke, even if our concern was to avoid flames being spread, because most of the containers are made of wood and tarpaulin, which favored the evolution of the fire. At the end of the investigation, the cause may be known. The configuration of the premises will have another difficulty … "

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