Who is the hero of the new movie Mohammed Imam? What did he say about her?


Finally, the artist Mohamed Adel I have settled on the heroine of his new "Bagdad Thief" film after confronting a series of apologies from several artists.

Mohammed, published in the image of Yasmin's star, commented: "Yasmin is one of the most important and influential actors of our generation. Hchofouha is in a different role for all Fat .. Estnone with the first time in the Baghdad thieves" to receive comments that are They want success. Film.

Mohammed Imam decided to start a quick start after he postponed him several times because of his marriage and honeymoon, and then he continued to apologize to artists who were nominated for the championship in front of him in order to finally settle on his head Yasmin.

Mohammed's latest movie, Adele Imama, was "A Night Here and Sour" with star Yasmine Sabri, and he achieved a good income and great success. Jasmine is out of the movie from the last movie.

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