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Weather in the Arab world is the usual atmosphere for warming in all areas of the Arab world


Weather in the Arab World – the weather and expected temperatures in the Arab world Wednesday 24 – 7-2019:

Weather in Levant and Egypt:

The typical summer weather is still relatively high in the western mountainous regions In the capitals of the Levant and warm at home

  • Temperatures continue to be higher than expected in this time of year at 2-4 ° C.
  • Great temperatures around the 1930s in Jerusalem and Amman, and in the late 1930s in the eastern and inner neighborhoods of Damascus, after the early 1930s in Beirut..
  • The maximum temperatures exceed the 40 ° C barrier in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Acaba, and are close to normal levels this year..
  • The maximum temperatures in the valleys in Jordan and Syria are between 40-42 C, which is higher than the general rates of about 4 ° C..
  • Continuation of low horizontal visibility after the prospect of light fog formation on the coast of the Palestine state south to Gaza Strip with the dawn of low clouds in the morning
  • The large temperatures reach 40 ° C and contain Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Assut, which are close to normal rates..
  • Survival of heat at the end of the 20s Celsius at the Cous of Northern Egypt include Alexandria, Matro and Port Said, but with a rise in humidity and an increase in fever.
  • The "water pipe" is expected to continue to be produced, reducing the visibility of large areas of the Nile Delta. Cairo capital will also contain light fog and low clouds in the northern Sinai and the Mediterranean coast for the next few nights..

Weather in the Gulf:

The damp weather continues to dominate with the evening hours and even in the morning in some areas. The atmosphere is very hot in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Temperatures in the 40s Celsius in large areas including Riad and the interior of Qatar, falling to the early 40s Celsius coast of the Arabian Gulf, and to the late 1940s in parts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  • The high temperatures continue around the 40 ° C barrier in Doha, and the expectations of constant high humidity at night are approaching 90%, as the heat sensation is increasing. Expectations of a decrease in the horizontal visibility of dawn and some changes in Saudi Arabia.
  • Wind activity continues over the central and southern shores of the sea, largely evening and evening, where it continues to be dusty with horizontal visibility.
  • The thunder clouds continue to appear on the mountains of Oman, resulting in moderate thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and activity in the dusty winds of the country.
  • The clouds are still extending after the moistening in the middle "structural" atmosphere to the desert of the Empty Quarter and parts of central, northern and eastern Yemen, with unusual midnight hours, followed by some thunderstorms, accompanied by dust and dust.
  • Rainfall in Salalah and the rest of the south-west of the Sultanate continues, partly thunderous, and is also accompanied by misty weather in the surrounding mountains. The climate is common in the course of this year.
  • Thunder clouds continue to form on a daily basis in the highlands of southwest Saudi Arabia and West Yemen with the hours of afternoon to evening accompanied by the formation of floods and activity on wind..

Maghreb Weather:

Continued summer summer weather on the beach and warm at home. Thunderstorms after evening evening at the heights of Morocco and the west west of Algeria

  • Great temperatures between the late 1920s and the early 1930s in Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli capitals were in the early or mid-20s Celsius in the Moroccan capital Rabat..
  • The moisture resistance is still high on the coast, increasing the feeling of heat as well as the appearance of low clouds..
  • The atmosphere is very hot in the interiors of all regions, where there is more growth, especially in Algeria and Morocco..
  • An expected thunderstorm with the hours of the afternoon and even the night on the heights of the Morocco Main, sometimes extending to the heights of western Algeria, accompanied by moderate thunderstorms, causing the flood of floods and the activity of wind movement , Dust and dust.
  • The seasonal fog continues on the edge of the kingdom of Morocco, including the capital, Rabbit and the Atlantic coastline, which is a common occurrence of this year.

Weather around the world:

  • A warm climate in several parts of the western European continent, from Spain and Portugal to the south-west, to France, which suffered from high records breaking the record, passed through Belgium and the Netherlands and even southern Germany. And East British Isles, on Friday, where it is expected to break out of the western region of thunderstorms.
  • In combination with the warm weather, the rain clouds are expected to continue to spread over Spain, western France, northern Italy and the Alps..
  • A pleasant air mass continues to affect northeastern Europe and Western Russia, causing thunderous flooding and flooding..
  • The sporadic areas of the Balkans, the West and the North Black Sea are still affected by daily thunderstorms, accompanied by occasionally heavy thunderstorms, with warnings of flooding..
  • The weather on Wednesday in the British Isles is raining by rainfall, with rain falling to Scotland and expectations of renewed rain starting Thursday..
  • Temperatures remain moderate and humid in the eastern part of the United States, after the wet and humid weather subsides, first and then rainfall, while rainfall remained in the south-eastern sector..
  • The weather is still remarkably hot in many western states, but with thunderstorms continuing to spread into parts of the country with the evening and night hours..
  • Heavy rains from Tokyo, Central and North Japan were set in motion in the two Koreas on Wednesday and Thursday, and continued to withstand heavy rains in south-east China..
  • Seasonal rainfall continues on the shores of western India.
  • Observation is a tropical activity in the eastern Pacific, but according to the last indicators it will remain off the ocean..

Weather and expected temperatures in the Arab world Wednesday 24 – 7-2019:

Weather and expected temperatures in the Arab world on Wednesday 24 - 7-2019

Weather today in Amman – Jordan:

  • Clear weather.
  • Maximum temperature in Oman: 30 °
  • Minimum temperature in Amman: 22 °

Weather today in Al-Kuds Al-Sharif – Palestine:

  • Clear weather.
  • The high temperature in Al-Kuds Al-Sharif: 30 °
  • Minimal temperature in Al-Kuds Al-Sharif: 22 °

Weather today in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia:

  • Weather is frequent moisture.
  • Maximum temperature in riad: 45 °
  • The minimum temperature in the riad: 28 °

The weather of today in Beirut – Lebanon:

  • Clear weather.
  • Great temperature at Beirut: 30 °
  • The minimum temperature at Beirut: 25 °

Weather in Damascus – Syria:

  • Hot Weather.
  • The great temperature in Damascus: 37 °
  • Minimum temperature in Damascus: 21 °

The weather of today in Baghdad – Iraq:

  • Hot Weather.
  • The high temperature in Baghdad:
  • The minimum temperature in Baghdad: 30 °

Weather today in Kuwait City – Kuwait:

  • Clear weather.
  • Great temperature in Kuwait City:
  • Minimum temperature in Kuwait City: 35 °

The weather of today in Manama – Bahrain:

  • Clear weather.
  • High temperature in manama: 37 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama: 32 °

The Weather of Today in Abu Dhabi – UAE:

  • Partly cloudy weather.
  • High temperature in manama: 38 °
  • The minimum temperature in Manama: 35 °

The Doha weather today in Doha Qatar:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • High temperature in Doha: 40 °
  • The minimum temperature in Doha: 32 °

The weather of today in Muscat – Amman:

  • Weather is frequent moisture.
  • High temperature in Muscat: 34 °
  • The minimum temperature in Muscat: 30 °

Weather Today in Sana'an – Yemen:

  • Scattered clouds.
  • The high temperature in the Sana is about 28 ° C
  • The minimum temperature in sana is: 17 °

The weather of today in Cairo – Egypt:

  • Hot Weather.
  • High temperature in Cairo: 38 ° C
  • Minimum temperature in Cairo: 23 °

The weather of today in Mogadishu – Somalia:

  • Rain showers and active winds.
  • High temperature in Mogadishu: 25 °
  • Minimum temperature in Mogadishu: 25 °

Weather Today in Djibouti – Djibouti:

  • Cloudy weather.
  • Temperature in gibberish: 39 ° C
  • Temperature in Djibouti: 32 °

The weather of today in Khartoum – Sudan:

  • Partly cloudy weather.
  • Maximum temperature in the intestine: 37 ° C
  • Minimum temperature in the heart: 28 ° C

Weather in Tripoli – Libya:

  • Clear weather.
  • Excellent temperature in Tripoli: 34 °
  • Minimum temperature in Tripoli: 23 °

The Weather of Tunisia – Tunisia:

  • Fog with possible shower drizzle.
  • High temperature in the city of Tunis: 33 °
  • The minimum temperature in the city of tunis: 21 °

The Weather of Today in Algeria – Algeria:

  • Weather is frequent moisture.
  • High temperature in the algier: 32 °
  • The minimum temperature in the algier: 24 °

The weather of today in Rabat – Morocco:

  • Probably rain.
  • High temperature in the town of Rabbit: 25 °
  • The minimum temperature in the town of Rabbit: 21 °

The Weather of Today in Nouakchott – Mauritania:

  • Partly cloudy weather.
  • Great heat in Nouakchott: 28 °
  • Minimum temperature in Nouakchott: 24 °

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