Video .. Najwa Karam let the latest recordings "Tizer" "Tonight, Our Night"

Lebanon star Najwa Karam presented her latest album "Tonight, Our Night" on Tuesday, which will be posted on social networking sites in the coming days on YouTube.

The Sun of the Song is supposed to revive the concert in Jordan on November 23rd, and the concert is supposed to be attended by a large audience because of the popularity enjoyed by Najba throughout the Arab world.

During the ceremony, the Lebanese song sang a bunch of her songs, which received an excellent response from all fans and fans, such as "Ma Noum, Hedy Hakki, Yakhrabitak" and other songs.

Najwa is scheduled to perform another concert in Sweden on December 15 in Sweden, and the artist is currently concluding her song for her new album, which will start in the upcoming period.

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