Treika: Regardless of the outcome of the Ahli and Altrgi game of the Arabian hero, we want success


Mohamed Abou Treika, the star of Al-Ahly and the former Egypt team, spoke before the match Al-Ahly and Al-Tarja in the final of the upcoming African Championship, which will be held at Rades Stadium in Tunisia.

With her tweets, Treika wanted to calm the atmosphere between Egyptian and Tunisian football fans, especially between Al-Ahli and Al-Tara after the first end of last Friday.

"The relationship between our beloved Egyptian country and its sister Tunisia is greener than any other thing, and it is always the sport of people's gathering and regardless of the outcome of the Al Ahli and Al-Tara match, the hero in the latter is proud of him and we want him the best at world championship in the Arabian country, "wrote Treika in his official Twitter account. The last brother is ZAE. "

Al-Ahli is preparing to travel on Tuesday when he meets Espérance on Radez on Friday evening in the final in the final after the first part of the Red Man's 3-1 victory.

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