To honor Wahid and Marwan Hamid in America

To honor Wahid and Marwan Hamed in America. We are publishing a gift to Wahid and Marwan Hamid in America, in honor of Wahid and Marwan Hamed in America. We will send you our visitors.

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At the sixth annual dinner in Washington, the American Association for Foreign Media (AAM) honored the author and great producer Wahid Hamed and his son, director Marwan Hameday, whose purpose was to honor individuals whose work reveals a strong commitment to global values ​​and to those who appreciate the power media for providing information, inspiration and positive influence on society. For Al Hamid, AAM honored the director of Saudi Haif Al Mansour.

"With this prize, I can not describe my fortune, thanks to the American Association of Foreign Media and everyone they wear. It is also an honor to earn many names and we worked together with a long and exhausting journey," he said.

"This is a very special gift for me because it's a sign that what we do here in the Arab world has an external effect and resonance that has reached America and are also appreciated," said Marwan, who thanked the American Society for foreign media. To that honor, especially because it coincides with the honor of my father, author and great producer Wahid Hamid, who is honored to receive the prize on his behalf. "

AAM is an honor to Hamed, because their career paths give the Americans a brief example of the history of the entertainment industry in Egypt, the role of industry as a catalyst in dialogue in the community, its sustainable wealth in the Arab world, and the ability to take taboos and emphasize voices that seek positive change.

"We offer this honor in recognizing the outstanding contributions and efforts of honor and their great influence in their societies in the Arab world," said Aaron Lovell, founder and president of the American Association for Foreign Media. "The narrative and the documentary films they represent, illuminate the mind and create a higher pattern for others and give them a better understanding Everyone will lead to a tolerant, balanced and peaceful world." More than 350 involved members of decision-makers, graduates and creative communities . The co-presiding dinners were Aaron Paul, General Michael Hayden, Frank Mancuso, former President Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures, Victoria Nuland, former Assistant Secretary of State and Charles Rifkin, President of the American Film Society, as well as representatives of the AAM from the Arab world. They are writer and producer Yebel MacDonald, producer and producer Jessica Mecklenberg and Egyptian star Nelly Karim.

Wahid Hamed is an Egyptian author who, with the help of more than 100 dramatic works presented to cinemas, television, radio and theater, recorded in the Arab world an unprecedented situation with all the drama instruments available from the seventies to the present, whereby the success of his work was reflected in hospitality. Both collaborate with different generations of directors, old stars and new talents. The significance of Wahid Hamid's work is not shown only through the income window and how many awards he received from the script, but also in the battles that his films did with censorship, perhaps the best-known among them is an innocent movie, and the list includes other films such as ghouls, bird themes, and group series.

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