The danger of the “softer” Turkish penetration into the Arab world


The “soft” cultural penetration is among the most important tools that Turkey relies on in implementing its expansion policy towards the Arab world, by adopting a clear strategy for soft power which, on the face of it, aims to prepare Arab peoples to accept the Turkish culture And the Turkish values ​​system, but in reality it seeks to promote its policies and protect. His positions to the various issues and crises of the region.

In the last decade, Turkey has adopted a gradual strategy of “soft” cultural penetration in the Arab countries, starting with drama that promoted Turkish culture and values ​​to attract a wide range of Arab youth, and subsequently the drama was in A later stage to focus on the historical and military aspects that the creation of the history of the Turkish Empire enhances the revival of the Ottoman caliphate, because it constitutes the spiritual or cultural basis in the Arab world acceptance of the “new Ottomanism” that the regime of Recipe tape Erdogan has begun performing on the ground in recent years. Observers of Turkish historical drama clearly noted how it is the aim to promote a set of articles prepared with great care and mastery, among them, for example, but not limited to, that “Turkey is the leader of the Islamic world,” and that it Is “the first defender of Islamic causes.” “Ertugrul” bin Suleiman Shah, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and who has been watched by millions in the Arab world, is nothing but an attempt to once again promote the unity of the Islamic world around a charismatic leader, So it was not surprising that the series won the admiration of Erdogan, who seeks to portray himself. That he is “Artgrel” of the time, and that he is “the awaited award” that is responsible for unifying the Islamic world.

The Turkish policy of soft penetration into the Arab world also depends on the establishment of a number of media platforms in the Arabic language, including the “trt” channel, which expresses Turkish culture in various areas, such as arts, science and politics, and The transfer to the Arab world. Offices for this channel have been opened in many countries. Arabic. Turkey also pays attention to strengthening cultural and media partnerships with the Arab world by providing support to several associations active in the field, including the Turkish Arab Society for Science, Culture and the Arts, which is based in the Turkish capital Ankara, and working to strengthen The cultural cooperation. With the Arab world.

The soft cultural penetration in the Arab world, which can be described as the “soft war”, is on his face as an expression of the “soft power” of Turkey, but in reality it is no different in any way from his direct military Intervention in many Arab countries, because it is the goal to change the culture of peoples. And make it accept Turkish policies and protect them even if they restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire, which is based on annexing parts of the Arab countries and seizing their wealth. It is not an exaggeration to say in this context that this is the policy of “soft penetration” that paved the way for Turkey to intervene in the affairs of the Arab world in this blatant way that does not respect the principles of the right of neighborliness Or national sovereignty of Arab countries, but actors – like the old colonial states – as an imperial power seeking to impose its will on the Arab world and to seize the capabilities by imposing a fait accompli on the areas in which they are militarily located, As is the case in northern Syria or in the Kurdistan region of Iraq or in Libya, or those who want to strengthen their influence in them in the future, especially countries. In which the “Brotherhood” group is active, as an attempt to revive the project of political Islam again in the region.

If the Arab countries have understood the seriousness of Turkey’s enlargement project, and started to take clear positions for their interventions against crisis areas in the Arab world, it is also necessary to address immediately the “soft” cultural failure policy adopted by the Erdogan regime. Aimed at penetrating Arab societies and influencing their cultural identity the challenge is no less dangerous than military intervention because it is linked to the collective awareness of the Arabs. It is no longer appropriate now to continue to show many Turkish series on Arab satellite channels around the clock at a time when Turkey continues to implement its historical ambitions in the Arab world. By stoking the flames of conflict and supporting extremist and terrorist groups, to demolish the foundations of the nation state in many Arab countries, and to start from them to revive the “new Ottomanism”.

* Quotes from “Al-Itihad”

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