Take a look at the video and pictures .. Riad and its landscapes under the rainforest


Take a look at the video and pictures .. Riad and its landscapes under the rainforest

Citizen – Riad

The main city of Riyadh and many of its provinces were exposed to rain showers in the Gdaq case in many parts of the kingdom.
And documented "Citizen"A video showing the atmosphere in the capital and how the citizens received the rain of good and the blessings of man and happiness.
Many riad valleys were filled with water, and civil defense warned that the valleys would not be cut off.
Exit by the bypass in Riyadh to the natural rainfall.
And some citizens want to document those moments with their cameras for mobile phones and share them with their friends through the communication sites.

A preliminary warning was announced in the predicted progressive moderate thunder to heavy rain accompanied by cold and active winds of dust and can lead to floods by next week.

An early warning said that the case would include Dawadmi, Quwaia, Sager, Jalajil, Thadig, Hurailah, Al-Haier, Majma, Shakra, Ramah, Khurais and others. In his report on today's weather, the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection announced – God Willingly – Storms Medium to Strong Storm, accompanied by frosts and winds operating in areas (east, Qassim, northern border, Medina, Riad, Jazan, Tabuk, Najran, Asir, Baha and Mekkah. The fog is formed in the night and early morning hours on the eastern, western and western highlands and the northern and central part of the Kingdom.
The report states that the movement of surface winds in the Red Sea north of the north above the northern and central parts and south to south southern sides at 20-40 km / h, the height of the waves from one meter to two meters, the average state of the sea, the Arabian Gulf south-north of 18 to 38 km / h, rising from 1 m to 1.5 m, and the state of the sea is light to moderate.

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