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Premature birth in the seventh month is often in many pregnancies, and some early birth can safely switch to pregnant and fetus if the pregnant woman is well followed by a doctor.
To learn more about this, Madam Net met with a consultant for obstetrics and gynecology, infertility and endoscopic surgery, head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Atisar Ragheb Al-Tilouni Oncology Center.

• The reasons for the birth in the seventh month:
• The causes of premature birth can be divided into two parts:
1. Causes of pregnancy that cause premature birth.
2. The causes of pregnancy require that the doctor intervene and create early.

• One of the causes of pregnancy and early birth:
Low weight and malnutrition leading to acute anemia.
2. Age of pregnant woman: Pregnant women aged 16 years or more than 40 have a more frequent preterm birth than before the last month.
3. Smoking often has a negative effect on the pregnant woman, since the smoked mother is more likely to have premature birth.
4. The presence of congenital abnormalities in the uterus, such as the intrauterine bulkhead, the uterine horn, which causes pressure on the fetus, is therefore a sufficient reason for premature birth.
5. In severe intrauterine pregnancy, such as twins, or have extra fetuses around the fetus.
6. The tension and mental state of pregnant women also play a role in early delivery.
7. Pregnancy of twins shows that the mother is tired due to weight gain, which increases the weight of the fetus.
8. Long-term trip or departure in tired routes.

• Reasons that can come to the mother and require medical intervention and an early generation:
1. High blood pressure with the presence of albumin in the urine or the so-called "poisoning of pregnancy", this is a serious illness that requires the immediate accommodation of a pregnant woman to avoid complications of pressure on them.
2. The presence of diabetes or gestational diabetes that is not under control, such as waiting for the last weeks, can cause fetal death, so the doctor had to work early to save the fetus.
3. Early cramps and signs of intrauterine inflammation also require early development of the fetus.
4. The fetus is a congenital defect, especially in the urinary tract, where urinary tract disorders can occur and can therefore affect and damage the kidneys, and doctors have to generate early in order to cure this defect.

• Signs and symptoms of delivery in the seventh month:
1. Severe bleeding in addition to rush a large amount of water at a time.
2. Feeling of abdominal cramps continuously with time intervals decreases with time.
3. Weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn.
4. Back pain can be constant or come and go at intervals and accompanied by a heavy feeling at the bottom of the pelvic area.
5. Pain in the groin with the pelvic area and legs and swelling.
6. Significant increase in weight.
7. Increase vaginal secretions.
8. Headache and fatigue.

• Recommendations:
1. Take the necessary precautions to avoid this and regularly monitor your doctor.
2. Where there is no clear reason for confirming the occurrence of a child

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