Rain in Taifen. Civil defense warns


The details of the news are reported by the rain of Taif. Civil Protection Warns

Rain in Taifen. Civil defense warns

Published in Okazon 03-11. 2018

Today, the rain in the Taif province is Al-Hada, Al-Shifa, Qarwa, Khalidiya, Misra, Al-Qa 'mah, Al-Halaqah, Al-Hawiyah, Sharafiyah, the southern landscape, Al-Radaf Park, Al-Muthanna and the Little Nile and the Great Nile. .
The Civil Protection Directorate of the Taif Bishopric called on citizens and passengers to act cautiously, avoid speed along the way, and keep valleys and valleys away, emphasizing the need to follow the safety guidelines during the rain.

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