Prince Charles is committed to staying unchanged if he becomes king



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In an interview in which he curiously referred to his future role, Charles the British Crown Prince did not comment on the controversial issues when he became King.

Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, often encounters a wide array of questions, from architecture to environment, pressure on ministers and the issuing of public statements.

But in a documentary on the BBC's 70th birthday, the BBC said that it did not intend to be a king who was intruding into matters for which he should not interfere. "I fully understand that the royal work is completely separate. I know exactly how things should go."

Asked whether he would continue his public campaign after the king, Charles said: "No, it will not. I'm not so stupid." The British royal family usually drifted away from politics, which the 92-year-old queen was controlling since she was crowned in 1953.

Prince Charles put pressure on a number of issues when ministers' exchange messages appeared. He is also known for his fattening positions in modern architectural designs. In 1976, the prince spoke with the intention of abandoning the expansion plan of the National Gallery in London, which he described as "a disgusting attitude towards a facial and beloved friend." The plan was abandoned.

The documentary provided insights into Prince Charles's views on his rise to the throne.

He explained that he never intervened in the affairs of the parties and understood the difference between his current role and the role that he will play in the event that he becomes king.

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