Now: Despicable Katari tries to discredit the GCC


Katarina desperate efforts to discredit the Al-Nasr Cooperation Council, our respected observers in the Arab world and the world that we always wanted to offer the leading news and wonderful and recognizable, we want to get the consent of all our loyal followers and ensure full transparency and credibility of news from their sources "The Al-Nasr Journal – the leading Middle East and World Press Agency – we present to you the news of the" desperate efforts of the Qatari countries to discredit the Gulf Cooperation Council ", which is on Thursday, November 8, 2018, 14:05 .

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Doha has not yet realized that her problem with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries depends on her departure from the Council's approach and that she can only change her approach and respect the values ​​of the Council and its vision of regional and international issues..

The attempts by the Qatari emir Tamim bin Hamad are still ongoing In order to ask the GCC and try to undermine it, the aim of all this skepticism is to try to distort the role, reputation and weight of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in the security and stability of the region, in its legal capacity and reference.

In a word "It is truly regrettable that the continuation of the Gulf crisis between us and the Gulf Cooperation Council's failure to meet its objectives and meeting the efforts of our Gulf States has weakened its ability to meet the challenges and risks and marginalized its regional and international role" said Tamim."He said.

Analysts said that the Qatari emir's speech was an attempt to "complete the role of the Qatari media", in particular the role of Al-Jazeera in the media, which did not distort and blame the facts of their reality.

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