In January, the Italian company Eni completed the drilling of the first research fields


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CAIRO – It is expected that by the end of January and the end of January, the Italian oil company will complete the first research wells in the Noor area of ​​northern Sinai, according to an official source in the oil sector. Drilling results.

The source said in the notes with Bay 365 that the Italian company started drilling in the last week of September.

Mubadala Petroleum, the subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company, the State Property Fund of Abu Dhabi, announced that it acquired 20% of the Nile North concession in the northern Egyptian sinews from Eni in Italy, making it a 65% stake in Eni. Oil wealth is a 15% share.

Mubadala said the agreement depends on the conditions, including the approval of the Egyptian government.

In March, the government approved an oil and gas exploration and exploration agreement in the maritime area of ​​the North-Sinai Noor area in the Mediterranean before approval by the House of Representatives. Under the agreement, the wealth of Italy, Eni and Egypt, consumes approximately $ 105 million in two phases of 6 Including drilling the well in the first and second stages.

In August 2015, Italy discovered the area of ​​the Egyptian gas giant in the Mediterranean, which includes a reserve of 30 trillion cubic meters of gas, and a daily production of around 2 billion cubic meters is expected to reach daily gas production. Before the end of 2019, it was about 3 billion cubic meters.

According to the source, the promising results of the Egyptian gas fields in the Mediterranean have made a major contribution to increasing investors' demand for entry into Egypt in partner projects, expecting the concession of light to be promising.

He emphasized that the entry of new partners for investment in the oil sector reflects the investment opportunities that the sector distinguishes and will, in the following period, serve the Egyptian economy, benefiting from the extensive experience of new partners and adding that this is supported by the government's desire to increase investment in the oil sector, in order to contribute to the increase in production and supplies of petroleum resources.

Mubadala has signed a final agreement on the acquisition of ZAE's 10% stake in Italian Eni in the Sunrise Sea concession, located back to the Mediterranean, with a value of around $ 934 million, with the signing of $ 94 million.

Mubadala, the subsidiary of the investment company Mubadala in UAE, owned by the United Arab Emirates Emirate in Abu Dhabi, is one of the leading companies in oil exploration, development and production of oil and gas. Most of the company's investment activities are concentrated in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

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