"CC" receives Saudi Crown Prince in Cairo airport


CAIRO – President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisie, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, received a Cairo International Airport on a two-day official visit.

The visit was intended to include a bilateral role of speaking about the relationship between the two breed countries and measures to enhance them in various fields, as well as discuss some issues of public concern, the presidency said in a statement on Monday.

The visit of Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Cairo as a third station in an external tour of the Arab countries, starting in the United Arab Emirates, and then to Bahrain and Egypt.

"The visit of his Royal Highness Prince Mahammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, to Egypt on Monday, is the second of his name in one year, reflecting," said Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Nakly . The importance and strength of the historical and strategic relations between the two countries and the co-operation between them, in addition to the coordination and mutual consultation in the face of common challenges and the issues of the Arab and Islamic nations and the international community Peace and security."He said.

He stressed that the strategic partnership between the Kingdom of Egypt and Egypt was depicted to spread love and peace with a unified vision that serves the interests of the two brothers in the official and popular levels..

He noted that relations between the two states are waiting for the rule of President Abdul Fatah Al-Sissy and the two Kosherian Mosquis King, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, an unprecedented boom that covers all areas of political, economic, trade, Cultural, educational and other fields.

He concludes his remarks that the visit will constitute a new impetus for the transfer of relations to a greater extent, including the good of the two countries and the Arab and Islamic nations.

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