Al-Riyadh newspaper Taif: The start of the training program for candidates and candidates for the prize of excellence


On behalf of the General Director of Education in Taif Talal Al-Lihaibi Province, Mohammed bin Amer Al-Nafiei, assistant to School Affairs, launched a training program for candidates and candidates for the Excellence Prize at the tenth session. It also opened the website of the Kingdom of Excellence in support of excellence and excellence. Maha Zaidi, Directors and Directors of Departments and Offices, Coordinators, Coordinators, Candidates and Candidates for the Prize, at the Al-Faisalya Theater for Boys and Closed Circle at the Women's Departments in the Educational Building in Al-Rayyan District for Girls.

Saeed Al-Malki, the director of the Center for Excellence, praised the excellence and support of the Excellence Award, which this year highlighted reconstruction and expansion, which included the scope of educational supervision, the addition of a distinguished educational pioneer, prominent educational services, initiatives and distinctive experiences.

Al-Maliki praised the institutional excellence of the Taifu Education Department, led by Talal Al-Lahibi, Director of Education, and his uniqueness in establishing the units of excellence and institutional innovation, boys and girls whom he and his leadership honored to support and care for excellence and excellence.

His Excellency Amal Al-Salami said that the Center achieved a great achievement and a major step forward, it became a professional house that soon reached its durability. In her speech, her speech emphasized the role of the Center in providing quality and educational services and technical consultations to promote the educational community. In addition to attaining sustainability, it takes care of local, regional and international awards that point to the advanced positions taif attained at the ninth sitting.

Participants and participants followed the event and attended a rich and focused discussion on the Integrated System of the Center of Excellence.

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