Affected Conference Discussions Role of Environmental Education in Sustainable Development in Beirut


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The Arab Environment and Development Family (AFD) will organize its 12th Annual Conference on "Environmental Education in the Arab States", November 14 and 15, in Beirut, under the creation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the participation of officials in the environment and education. And Arab and international experts. Of the relevant international organizations.

The forum will discuss the role of environmental education in sustainable development and will try to answer many questions, including how environmental education contributes to making decisions better, said the secretary general, Najeeb Saab. How will environmental education support the implementation of Plan 2030? The participants will also discuss the current state of formal environmental education in the Arab world and the current state of environmental education in Arab schools, focusing on success stories as well as environmental education in Arab universities.

Saab stressed the need for Arab countries to accept an urgent reform process to improve environmental education in their premises. He has shown that the issue of environmental education in the area is the subject of the 2019 annual release of the forum, prepared by a team of senior experts. The report will identify the state of environmental education in the Arab world and how it can be activated in the context of sustainable development.

The report will also include the first comprehensive survey of environmental content and sustainability in school and university-level programs and programs in all Arab countries.

Saab has shown that the report will be launched at the conference, which will host several regional and international organizations active in the field of education and sustainability, and speakers of leading Arab and international experts and decision makers.

A number of Egyptian researchers are participating in the preparation of the report, including Dr. Ahmed Jabber, a professor at Cairo University, a team of the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research at Ain Shams University, under the direction of Dr. Abdelmassim Semaan. And environmental expert Dr Ibrahim Abdul Jalil.

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