Woman Dmitry Dibrova, Polina, can hide her fourth pregnancy – fans


Photographic shoots of the ever-thin "ladies of Russia – 2018" have turned to "sit-ins" written by fans who state the reality of the next fertilization.

The beauty and harmony of Polina Dibrova will not be over. Always orderly and attractive models never stop surprised by their subscribers with frames from photographic shoots and household tasks. In the family with the showman Dmitriy Dibrov, Polina managed to become the mother of many children and gave birth to three wonderful sons.

"Wonderful guys! All health in Siberia !!!", "It's always nice to see you!" She says, gentle, feminine and children – candy "," Polinochka !!! How good you've done! It's not easy with guys, yet especially in time … I am really happy for you. You are a great mommy! Your children are beautiful !!! "- fans do not stop talking.

Fans also predict that the wife of Dmitri Dibrove could hide her fourth pregnancy.

"And the fourth boy will be? Congratulations!", "Well, now you will definitely have your daughter", "And what a nice girl could be born!" Be sure to be born, "" I wish these beauties were born to a little sister , paw, "- write enthusiasts.

Such comments were justified taking into account the fact that Polina changed photography. Already in the service "Storiz" she published pictures in full growth, emphasized her image and beauty. Her fresh photos look like "meetings." Pauline seems to hide a pregnant tumor for children and does not take full length. It is also worth noting that the possible future mother has changed her diet.

"Good morning. I love having a nice breakfast – full of joy for the whole day. And you?" – Polina wrote under the photo on the social network, while at the table there was only fruit.

If Polina Dibrova is already pregnant for the fourth time, then the fans predict that it will be a secret, and if not, then Dmitri's wife will have to share a full-length photo.

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