Venediktov revealed why Chubais had been removed from office


Gaidar Forum-2018.  Second day.  Moscow, Chubais Anatoly, portrait

Alexey Venediktov believes Anatoly Chubais will improve relations with Joe Biden’s administration Photo: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU

News of the plot

Diplomatic scandal: aggravation of relations between Russia and the United States

Former Rusnano chief Anatoly Chubais has been appointed by the president’s special envoy for relations with international organizations to improve relations with the administration of Vice President Joe Biden. The opinion was expressed by the journalist, the editor-in-chief of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venniktov.

“The appointment of Chubais is such a recognition of bids by the president. That is, just in case,” – said Venendiktov on the air of the radio “Echo of Moscow”. He believes Chubais will be held accountable for relations with the Biden administration.

Venendiktov stressed that Russia had no connection with the Democratic Party, from which both had been elected. According to the journalist, Chubais’ appointment to the post of special presidential envoy was predicted by political scientists. Veneniktov believes that the former head of Rusnano in the past has successfully established ties with Hillary Clinton, who is a member of the Democratic Party.

Earlier, Biden said that the inauguration ceremony of the US. It. President will be held on January 20, reports RT. This will happen in compliance with anti-epidemic measures.

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