The teacher, who humiliated the girl at school in Sahalin, resigned Accident


Moscow, November 12 – AIF-Moscow.

Tatiana Karnaukh, head of the District Education Department in Tatiana Karnaukh, said that the teacher, who humiliated the girl because of a torn jacket at a school hour in Sakhalin, in Kholmsk, left, reports RIA Novosti.

"We talked to an experienced 62-year-old teacher about the violation of pedagogical ethics and the inadmissibility of statements about parents and girls. The teacher admitted guilt and gave up," Karnaukh said.

She emphasized that the teacher had made a public pressure on teachers and teachers in the presence of the entire class.

Previously, it was reported that the teacher brought the schoolchildren to tears because of a hole in a jacket. In the incident, there was a camera on the phone.

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