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The owner of KIA Optima shared his opinion about the car after 7 years of use: AvtoMedia: VladTime


To decide whether to take a supported "Optima," YouTube blogger invited the owner of KIA to experience it.

The car owner, invited by the author of the YouTube channel "Avto Soviet", purchased his KIA Optima at the end of 2012, and his guarantee ended only in mid-2017, at which time the driver traveled almost 183,000 kilometers. Thus, the owner of the KIA Optimist shared his opinion of the car after 7 years of use.

The "Optima" was purchased in the basic configuration, so it has no rear-camera or multimedia monitors. But excellent parking sensors installed.

"The machine has a very high quality paintwork," the car owner says, "For all the time, some chips have been put on it, and I have just painted the front hood and bumper. In this regard, the car has almost no problems. . "

Extremely spacious, the cabin is spacious and the trunk, which is quite small, fully meets the needs of family drivers.

"There is a lot of room in the cabin, the driver's seat is informative and comfortable, there is nothing superfluous. The materials, of course, are not quite premium, but they retain their appearance even after 7 years. Operation, "says a blogger who was in KIA Optima.

The car almost did not break, the owner of the car only twice applied to the service station. For the first time, when it was 120,000 km, he had quietly silenced the quadruple and some for 35,000 rubles. And when the car was almost no warranty, several thousand kilometers to 150 were not enough, the engine started to beat. The official dealer considered this a warranty case and solved the problem for free, completely replacing the engine.

The condition under the hood confirmed that the "insides" kia optimally rarely claimed. Everything looks whole and intact, but covered with a thin layer of dust.

At the end of the video, a blogger will know how much fuel a car spends over 100 km. In the city, it is 10-12 liters per "weave", and the amount of gasoline is 8-9 liters.

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