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Freddie Mercury is one of the brightest and most controversial people in the world around the twentieth century: he has no less changes in flavors, everyday habits and love habits than in his voice.

On the one hand, the King's frontman idol of the stadium, the author of the hits of Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen and We Are The Champions, which we are hearing today (and the current stars are eagerly singing). On the other hand, a gay icon.

Apparently, royal musicians themselves – guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, who designed this biopic, have long been dubious: what should be the "Bohemian Rhapsody"? A slightly retouched and remastered musical history of achieving global success? Whether it's a hard and open drama about the fate of a man who loved millions of listeners, but they are just the best of all – Taylor and May, as well as the bassist John Deacon, Freddie's best friend musician Dave Clarke and his former beloved Mary Austin, who barely not married in his youth.

Brian May first talked about the film in 2010, stating that Sasha Baron Cohen is thinking about the role of mercury. The scandalous buzzer looks like Merkur, the films he played with – Borat, Bruno and Dictator – were commercially very successful. But in 2014 Queen refused this idea: the fame of Sasha Baron Cohen was excellent, but his reputation as a man who loves almost every action to turn into a parody, grotesque or provocation, is still dangerous. At least all musicians wanted the audience to visit the cinema in anticipation of the next demeanor of the demon armed Baron over his next character. Queen musicians who have become co-producers of the cassette have decided not to take risks.

As a result, even three years later, the actor was finally found, the Egyptian kopeck Rami Malek, who voluntarily listened to the directors (at that time he changed several times), and demanded that he make the largest number of duplicates so that Parsa from Zanzibar Freddy Mercury could better rewritten

And now, eight years later, a screen came on the screens, led by Brian Singer. The biography of the queen proved to be fairly conflict-free, smooth and not without the share of narcissism. Indeed, this is the Queen's success story. The first performances in the clubs, disputes about who is in the group, is the main "queen" (Queen is the name coined by Mercury, which means "queen"). Not without the director's clichés: At the beginning of the action, Father still inspires young Farukh-Freddy, that nothing will happen. And even closer to the final appearance that encourages: he already believed in him.

In the bohemian rapside, the stylists are clearly overlapped: the player's hair, playing Brian Maya, to the end of the film, is becoming increasingly obscure. The music role providers have created growth and maximum similarity with the people, so there is no need to expect dramatic talents … Yes, they do not change anything: they will sometimes ring with each other for notes, they will visit the EMI manager – this is actually all the dramatic disputes of the first part of the script …

But there is probably something worse: in "Bohemian Rhapsody", Brian May is most inclined to experiment (of course, it's also a co-producer). Yes, he is a great guitar player and he invented his own sound (thanks largely to his father's engineering talents). But the first champion of finding new sounds and mixing the musical styles in the queen was after all Freddie. And this was the one that put the manifest of the group in 1974: "I like to do something new, otherwise, what is the point of our work? You can also repeat your old records, but I want to create something that I have not done yet ! "

The first part of the movie is more than a comic book for those who are too lazy to read the real book …

There is a lack of interesting plot, conflicts, unexpected twists and surprising acting findings. The conscientious Rami Malek has no charisma, musical obsession, worldly vulnerability and lovely nerves of himself – this is not a game, she must live. And where the singer suffered, he lived on the stage, Malik took a spectacular backdrop – sometimes he was on duty and demanded that I want to say to him: "And you have saved your mustache …"

The second part is more interesting. It is dedicated to the personal drama of Mercury itself, which has changed a lot during the years when she worked for the queen.

And if it was not for success, the singer could have been married to Mary Austin and healed a happy family life … But the angry figure broke into the life of the leader – personal manager Paul Prenter, who was trying to seduce him at the same time. After that, the mercury world began to disintegrate: the social circle changed, the character became nervous, worried. Relationships in the group, sometimes prepared for decay, were corrupted …

In the second part, finally, the drama, the ride, and the audience begin to co-exist with the main character. "Bohemian Rhapsody", which is approaching the code, begins to turn into a musical tragedy, interesting not only for the Queen's lovers. Those who, without a dynamic scenario, look forward to enjoying the history and songs of their favorite band …

Where the great singer suffered, he lived, and the actor has only spectacular positions, and sometimes you want to say: "And your mustache has been canceled …"

Probably this "Bohemian Rhapsody" was definitely conceived as a pre-Christmas fairy tale of success, and not as a serious drama about the temptation of celebrity and the temptations of the individual. That's why Brian Mae and Roger Taylor decided to finish the narrative with a happy episode – the band's concert at the Live Aid Festival in London in 1985.

Otherwise, music lovers should explain: why could not they save their friend Freddie Mercury?

We are still grateful for the film, if only because of the fact that Queen's beautiful songs are played again – in the original, with excellent sound quality.

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