Svetlana Loboda spoke about the relationship with Till Lindeman


Svetlana Loboda became the main hero of the new edition of Andrey Malakhov's "Live broadcast" show. The singer told the television lecturer about the health problems and relations with the singer of the Rammstein group, with whom she has long recognized the novel.

At the end of October, 36-year-old Svetlana Loboda called for an emergency operation. Slavka was recently fired from the hospital, but she is ready to return to the stage. One day, the artist met Andrej Malakhov and gave him an interview for the "Live" program. During the conversation, the singer with a television anchor detailed her diagnosis, the birth of her other daughter Tilda. Svetlana touched on another theme that touched her fans – the relationship with the German rocker Till Lindeman.

"For the first time in my life, I spent 10 days in the hospital – this is a very long time. I thought a lot and realized that there was no robot, I could not work as I did before. It was a strong sign that contributed to the revaluation of many things," Svetlana said in a conversation with Andrej Malakhov.

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-> The actress admitted that she will now "build her schedule so that she will not exist, but will live normally." <! –


The singer said she received the first sign on her birthday. On October 18, Loboda almost lost her limb during the concert. "My leg was hit by a trawler and she started sucking, she was so painful and terrible," said the actress. Luckily, everything was fine. But after a few days Svetlana suddenly felt bad Painkiller did not help.

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– "I lost consciousness from the acute back pain in my back. Such a pain as the knife struck. I fell down and woke up at the hospital, "he reminded the hit performer" Your eyes. " "<! –


Doctors told Loboda that ureteral stones had blocked all of them, so urgent surgery is needed. According to Svetlane, if she did not immediately agree with the surgical procedure, then the next day the organ was removed.

After ten days, celebrity was released from the health institution. She hoped that journalists would not know about it. However, a correspondent of one of the Russian media could shoot an actress at the exit from the hospital.

The TV host wanted to know whether the German rocker in Russia agreed to support Svetlana. However, Loboda said she could not and did not want to comment on anything on this topic.

By the way, some fans of the former soloist of the "VIA Gra" group believe that she gave birth to her youngest daughter from the famous German language. Svetlana did not talk about the father of the child, but she talked about the small Tilda. The child has big blue eyes, very calm and laughing.

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