Luxury concepts of the Russian Hatchback Lada X-Stream have appeared online


The luxurious concepts of the Russian compact high-heelback Lada X-Stream have appeared online. The author of the project was Artur Hindalong.
The artist has created his own conceptual models during the traineeship in the design studio Lada. They were presented at the Cardesign profile page. The author's description of the project shows that when designing the Lada X-Stream concept, the designer took into account his vision of developing and promoting the brand of cars. According to the artist, the recent approach of young people to the purchase of cars has changed a lot. The current generation does not attract the fact that the owner of the vehicle needs new experiences and lively impressions.

This trend is particularly important in large cities where automobile and taxi services are increasingly used as an alternative. In cars, for example with Lada, you can revive an interest through a certain mechanics. The manufacturer can make your brand more desirable, but you need an interest in doing this. This can be an extreme race race, but it should not be like old-fashioned Le Mans 24 Hours. The proposed concepts of the Russian Hatchback Lada X-Stream can become participants of such an extreme project.

The conceptual model is proposed for the fitting of a hybrid power station with a 3 liter V6 petrol engine. At the same time it must be larger than the standard Lada of the vehicle and look slightly different.

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