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Loss of vitality. Fatigue with enough sleep. Why do you lack energy?


Most of us think that a person in the order Feel good during the day and stay awake for as long as possible, you only need enough sleep, or drink an espresso cup. This is partly true, but there is another view. Why do some people even sleep enough and still have regular sleep? In the afternoon, let Lethargy feel and decrease in performance? There are several reasons for this. It may even be affected by insufficient thyroid function, incipient depression, low hemoglobin and more. But the main versions, which are offered by authors from the famous video channel AsapScience, "Look".

1. Lack of physical activity.

Yes, yes! Sedentary lifestyle, which can directly affect hypodynamia A person quickly becomes tired. Improved energy distribution throughout the day and causes such a state. To fix this, you need to exercise moderate severity regularly. It's not very easy, but not exhausting. And only then will you get back to the full night's sleep and an increased tone during the day.

2. Boost with caffeine-containing drinks.

People Caffeine abusers Strongly loosen their cardiovascular and nervous systems. Caffeine is an energy stimulant, especially as it is recognized as a drug. And if you are hooked on coffee, over time you will need to drink more and more cups per day. Harmless dose – one, maximum two cups per day.

Reduce your intake of caffeine and drink that contain it in elevated concentrations.

3. Well, the third common cause is anxiety disorders.

Always Anxiety and anxiety out of the dirty. A person lives in constant pressure and could not get out of the vicious circle. In other words, a person who spends his energy on experience does not allow for anything else, more important. In this case, consulting with an experienced specialist in a psychological profile, autonomy and a positive attitude will not interfere.

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