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Germany – Russia

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Lokomotiv semi-finalist Vladislav Ignatiev shared his impressions about the Russian national team competition for matches with teams from Germany and Sweden.

Recall that Ignatiev was invited to the team instead of injured Sergei Petrov from Krasnodar.

– I do not know whether something depends on me or not, but I'm going to the state team not because of the quantity. I'll try to prove it, show everything I can, and there the coaching staff will decide whether to put me on the line or not. I will do my job, and I will choose a moment. I had no plans, Salamich called me, asked me where I was and told you to come to Novogorsk. I know that all the guys, especially the team, have a result. I asked Gilferme when he finally came to the national team, he said that the situation was generally great, they were all in good mood, the climate in the team was good, Ignatiev said.

– I do not think that the requirements have changed, everything is the same there. Maybe even better, because the team played four defenders, as we did at the club. That's why it may even be easier – I do not think there have been major changes.

The Russian national team will play a friendly game with the German team on November 15th and on November 20, the League of Nations will meet with the Swedish team.

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Ignatiev calls the Russian national team for matches with Germany and Sweden

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