Hawking's wheelchair was sold at an auction. Reedus


Personal things of the outstanding British physicist Stephen Hawking, who died in March, were sold to Christie in London.

After the AP, the most expensive series of auctions was a copy of the doctoral dissertation of a scientist, which was sold for $ 767 thousand (about 51.2 million rubles). A wheelchair scientist was also auctioned for $ 393,000 (about 26.2 million rubles). For the same amount, a Lot of Hawking Awards was sold.

According to Lucy's scientific daughter, the sale at the auction "enabled the lovers of their work to buy, as a warning to the extraordinary life of our father, a small set of expressive and exciting items," the agency notes.

Money received from the sale of a wheelchair will be sent to the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Association for Combating Motor Neurone Disorders, reports REN TV.

Stephen Hawking died at the age of 77 on March 14, 2018, surrounded by his family, at his home in Cambridge.

According to Fana, in June the Westminster Abbey held a ceremony to bury the ashes of a scientist, after which he sent a clip of his voice with music to space toward the black hole 1A 0620-00.

In October, as Reedus wrote, Web site Cornell University Library has published the latest scientific article by Stephen Hawking in collaboration with colleagues from Cambridge and Harvard. Article "Entropy of black holes and soft hair" discusses the possibilities of what happens to information stored in objects when they disappear into a black hole.

Prior to this, cosmologist of the University of Durham, Carlos Fenck, said that in Hawking's final article "he expressed an extremely interesting idea that the multiverse must leave a special impression on the so-called microwave radiation in the universe of the universe (Big Bang's echo), which can be seen with detectors spaceborne probes. "This idea gives a wonderful opportunity to discover the first traces of the existence of other worlds," he said.

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