Cherches explained the Brazilian challenge to the Russian team: Football: Sport:

Stanislav Cherchesov, head coach of the Russian national football team, spoke about the reason for calling Ari to the national team for the attacker Krasnodar. His words are run by "".

"At the beginning, we did not plan to make too many changes at the same time. We followed him, we would watch him next year, but after Artem Dzyub was injured, we got an opportunity." Ari has played great for the past few months and earned his chance " said Cherches.

The coach warned that Ari himself wanted to get a Russian passport. "Nobody asked him to do it, he did it himself – in this respect, principles remain with us. When a person can legally play for the team, of course, we carefully look at any player, wherever he plays, "he added.

On November 12, the Russian team announced a call for the Ari team. In July 2018, a Brazilian footballer received a Russian passport. Previously, the attacker repeatedly stated that he wanted to play in the Russian team.

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