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Burn the nerves into the spine with lower back pain.


The results of one of the clinical trials of this method are described in a journal publication. European Spine magazine.

Traditionally, it is customary to charge for chronic pain in the lumbar region on intervertebral discs, which have been destroyed with age, which can lead to pain. As shown in recent studies, back pain cannot be connected to intervertebral discs, but directly to the vertebrae itself.

The fact is that the so-called vertebral plate plates – cartilage and bone layers that act as a buffer between the intervertebral disc and the vertebrae – can also be used to determine the degree of degenerative changes that cause chronic inflammation and pain. The sensitivity of the end-plate is provided by the bastigibral nerve, which sends pain signals to the brain.

The new technique, designed to block the transmission of sore impulses, is based on the use of energy from radio frequency electromagnetic waves, which partially destroys the bastiver's nerve. During the procedure, the patient was placed face-down on the operating table and the patient was punctured in the spine and a thin tube was inserted into it, which is progressively advanced in the epicenter of painful sensations, previously determined by scanning. Subsequently, the tube is connected to the generator frequency oscillation frequency. 15 minutes energy from electromagnetic waves affects the nerve endings within the vertebrae responsible for pain. In this case, the radiation temperature of the radio waves reaches 85 degrees Celsius, and as a result, the nerve endings are simply burned.

In clinical trials conducted by scientists from the University of Texas (USA), 28 patients with chronic low back pain have participated. Most of them have suffered serious pain for at least five years, a quarter of patients are forced to take strong opioid painkillers and more than half of various drug injections, but not all of these measures have caused a cure.

Improved radiowave basswinds after the bourgeois-burned nerve, 26 (93%) and 75% improved significantly. Half of those who have previously sat on the subject are no longer required.

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