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The widow of the deceased Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev Elizaveta Apushkina commented on his death. She said it in an interview with CBS Sports.

"With great sadness, I confirm the death of my husband Maxim Dadashev. He was a very dear person who fought to the end. Thank you so much to everyone who loved Maxim in his last days," the TV channel quotes you.

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19:16July 23

Apushkina added that she would educate her son to become a great man as his father. The Boxman's widow also called in the difficult moment to respect her privacy. “My love! You are in my heart forever, the soul is torn from pain without you! This is the most difficult time in our family, ”she wrote in the chart of her deceased husband.

About the death of Dadashev became known on July 23. He died in an American hospital. His friend said the 28-year-old boxer couldn't keep his heart.

The athlete was hospitalized after defeating himself in a battle with Siberian Matrix, held on July 20th. The action stopped in the 11th at the initiative of the Russian coach. Boxer underwent surgery and removed part of the skull. After some time, he was put in a medical coma.

Dadashev debuted in professional boxing in 2016. Before the fight against matias, he never lost, still scored 13 victories in a row.

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