At the World Championships, the FSB extinguished terrorist attacks using UAVs. | Football


MOSCOW, November 7 – RIA news. The FSB has stopped an attempt to use terrorless drugs for terrorist acts at the World Cup, Alexander Bortnikov, director of the department, said at an opening meeting of heads of special services and law enforcement agencies.

Details are not given, only it is known that such experiments were carried out not only during the World Championship, but also during the preparation and management of other "mass political and sports events".

Bortnikov said that the uncontrolled spread of unbridled drugs is exaggerated by their use for terror.

"In our opinion, in order to prevent and immediately neutralize this threat, we should immediately begin to develop together the basics of the regulatory framework for the use of unmanned aircraft", said the head of the FSB.

Terrorists regularly use drones to attack Russian military facilities in Syria. In addition, in 2018 the court condemned the militant groups who planned to use the drone to blow up the building of the territorial FSB or the Ministry of the Interior of the Sunzhensky district.

Russia has tightened its rules for unmanned vehicles. From June 2016, all unmanned aerial vehicles weighing more than 0.25 kilograms must be registered.

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