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A nine-year-old girl has to go to school in the Pyramid of Kigurumi in Great Britain for an allergy to her uniform. Reported about her mirror.

Lily Mason from the village of Kivort, Nottingham County, suffers from a rare disease, a mast cell activation syndrome, which makes her immune system becoming hypersensitive and overacting to a wide range of stimuli.

Last October, nine-year-old Lily began to be allergic to her school uniform – all over the body there was pain rash. Her mother Joy decided to go to school in soft panda-shaped pajamas – the only outfit in which the baby's skin was not irritated. In addition to the pain from the rash, Lily would have an anaphylactic shock, so she had no choice.

"Some types of tissue irritate it, but its condition changes so rapidly that it is impossible to follow all the allergens. One day everything will be fine, the other will not be," explained the girl's mother. During the worsening of symptoms, the child should only wear pajamas, sit on special pads and take painkillers. Lily can eat nine foods without the risk of developing allergies.

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13:14 October 5, 2017

Women were diagnosed with a disease last year, many years after unsuccessful visits by doctors. Diagnostic criteria for mast cell activation were not developed until 2010, so many therapists did not even hear about Joy's disease.

"We found out that Lily could develop an allergy to anything. She has anaphylaxis, rash, nose bleeding and excessive work, and she almost never feels good," added Joy.

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