36-year-old Yevgeny Plushenko returned to work seven days after surgery


00:26, 01/19/2019

The skater recorded a video message from the rink for fans.

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Last week, it was known that Yvgeny Plushenko turned to a Moscow clinic complaining of back pain. Woman of Figure Skater Yana Rudkovskaya did not want to share details of her husband's health, but journalists found that the 36-year-old Olympic champion had an operation to remove a hernia on the spine that squeezed a nerve. Rudkovskaya confirmed this information, and also reported that her husband was on the repair.

Three days ago, Evgeny Plushenko left the clinic, and just a week after discharge, he began to work. "The terminator returned to the ice, breaking its own record, on the 7th day after the operation!" A figure skater tells in its Instagram blog. To increase his health care for his fans, Plushenko recorded a short video message directly from the rink. "Dear friends! And I, with the permission of the doctor working on me, are already standing on the ice! Thank you very much to those who have been supportive. I am fine. Moving on, working, working. All good The mood and, of course, good! "- The figure skater talked to fans.

36-year-old Yevgeny Plushenko returned to work seven days after surgery

Evgeny Plushenko himself did not say what exactly he was doing now, but Yana Rudkovskaya told him about it. In her microblogging producer, the start of work on a new Ice show "Cinderella", the ballet dancer, the legend of the Bolshoi theater, Sergey Filin will again be the director of the show. "I'm already sitting on editing our magic teaser, which you'll soon see," Yan users intrigued. Who will play the role of Cinderella and Fairy, the producer did not say.

Evgeny Plushenko with son Sasha on the poster for the new Ice Show from the figure skater "Cinderella"

Recall that Evzheny Plushenko's stay in the hospital was overshadowed by an unpleasant incident: journalists from the Ren-TV channel are deceiving the guards and nurses, and disguised as a figure skater, rushing into his room and starting to fall asleep And then woke up and asked about his health. When the furious athlete called the head of the canal Vladimir TaiwanInstead of apologies, I heard only words about the importance of ratings. Janna Rudkovskaya, who raised her husband's defense, explained that she did not want to forgive the reporters, and he sent them.

Evgeny Plushenko immediately after discharge from the clinic

We add that the first spinal surgery, Evgeny Plushenko, suffered in January 2013. Therefore, due to back pain, the skater was forced to withdraw from the European Championships in Zagreb. The attending physician Eugenia did the introduction of an artificial intervertebral disc. Plushenko quickly recovered from the injury and in December 2013 took part in the Russian figure skating championship, where he was selected for the 2014 Olympics. In Sochi, Yevgeny won the gold medal in the team competition, but did not participate in his personal tournament, as he began to pains in the spine.

Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya

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