This is the first 4-year edition of the RadiRo – Cultural



Photo: Arhiva / Alexandru Dolea

The 4th edition of the International Festival of Orchestrelor Radio – RadiRo, organized by Radio România, is hosting the event.

From the Radio Sci Radio in the UK, time to opt out, orchestrate simpson prize in Europe.

The ultimate concert, the celebration of the aforementioned, is designed by Simphonic Orchestra and Radiotelevic Instruments. A material relates to our colegul Lucian Haralambie.

Reporter: Cu Nathalie Stutzmann, director of the Simpson Orchestra and Radioteleveriania Irland and propose an integral Ceaikovski program. The song "The Way" and the Polish "Opera Oneghin" opera, in the context of the violinist Ray Chan to publicly celebrate Festivalului RadiRo, soloist at Concert in Reunion's main seminar.
Ray Chan: I'm going to revel in România, dupa prezenţa de anul trecut the Festival of Enescu. Today's publications have been made and the first thing to be cold and enthusiastic. Idee unui festival dedicat orchestrelor radio este una grozavă, reliefează tradiţia acestor ansambluri and importanţa muzicii clasice, privind în acelaşi timp spre viitor.

Reporter: Simfonia and 5 in the Minor of Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski have been ultimately lucrative interpreted in the Radio RadiRo, the Simfonic Orchestra and Radiotelevic Instruments, and Nathalie Stutzmann.

Cristian Oroşanu: There is a devious sensitivity and it is expected to happen before orchestral to another admirer.

Reporter: Dirijorul Cristian Oroşanu, preceded by the concert of the seals of the Sala Radio. The ultimate concert of RadiRo 2018 was commenced and violated by Theodor Andreescu.

Theodor Andreescu: Very interesting interview, especially interesant director. Many people have a lot to say about this matter in the past, as well as their coworkers as well as their many years ago, and they have not been able to do so with the help of those who have been involved in this. Şi nu şi şi să nu să nu să închinat în faţa muzicii.

Realizator: In the course of the radio editions of RadiRo, in the premier, and jazz concert, the Sala Auditorium and the Museum of Art of the Capital visited.



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