The electric car is stylish, but not commercially successful


Even if it is often publicity, the electric car does not enjoy business success. And not only in Romania, but also in the rest of Europe, where exclusively electric forward engines have market share of less than 1%. Most likely, autonomy and exorbitant prices are reduced in the way of success.

In half of the EU Countries, including Romania, less than 1% of new cars sold in 2018 are electric, while in Germany, the UK and France share is only 2%.

Electric car sales continue to grow significantly each year in the EU. Countries, but their market share remains sluggish in most European countries, according to an AKEA analysis.

Ake's centralized data shows that the central, eastern and southern European countries record very small sales of electric cars in the whole number of cars sold. Thus, in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece and Lithuania, the total sales of electric cars is only 0.2% – 0.4% of total machines.

Romanian does not excel in this chapter, as the market share of electric cars last year was only 0.5%, similar to that recorded in Italy and Estonia, and slightly lower than in Bulgaria (0.6%). Spain and Slovenia are two other countries where the market share of electricity is less than 1%.

On the other hand, Western Europe's developed countries do not enjoy greater market share for electric cars. Thus, the sales of electricity in Germany, the UK and France have slightly exceeded the 2% threshold, despite the fact that these countries also have the highest international earner.

The popularity of electric cars was found in Finland (4.7%), the Netherlands (6.7%) and Sweden (8%), but Norway is the big exception to this rule, with a market share of 49% last year.

In fact, 80% of the electric cars are sold in just 6 European countries, while only 2% of cars sold in the European Union have electric motors only.

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