Technical questions for BRD customers with Mastercard


Some BRD customers, Mastercard holders, could not make a online transaction online due to technical problems, according to bank customer information.

BRD, the third bank in Romania, based on the value of its assets, has about 2 million cards, according to the Mastercard logo, some of which can not be used for online transaction due to technical problems.

Representatives of the bank with whom he contacted wall-street.rohave confirmed that they are currently facing technical difficulties that do not allow users to conduct online transactions and try to repair them as soon as possible. Regarding POS transactions or withdrawals of ATMs, representatives of the bank said that the technical problem is not concerned.

In the first half of this year, BRD SocGen recorded a net profit of 757 million lei, which is about one third compared to the same period of 2017. The result is based on a 10 per cent increase in net banking income, as well as on the cost of risk.

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