Parliamentary election 2020. Live update. Voting in real time. How many Romanians have voted until now live update


Nearly 19 million Romanians are in the 2020 parliamentary elections to elect their senators and deputies. The turnout in the previous parliamentary elections was below 40%.

TIME 16:00 Attendance 4pm

The turnout in the country at the parliamentary elections was Sunday until 16.00 22.62%, or 3,776,160 voters, according to data announced by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

In urban areas, 2333,342 voters went to the polls, and in rural areas – 1,903,268.

A total of 50,833 voters voted by mobile ballot.

In the 2016 parliamentary elections, the turnout in the country until 16.00 was 27.4%.

Counties with the highest turnout:

  • Mehedinti – 32.49%,
  • Teleorman – 28.63%,
  • Olt – 28.24%

Counties with the lowest turnout:

  • Vaslui – 17.95%
  • Yalomita – 19.55%
  • Arad – 19.73%

TIME 15:00 Attendance 3 p.m.

The turnout in the country at the parliamentary elections was Sunday until 15.00 19.60%, ie 3,567,107 voters, according to data announced by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

In urban areas, 1,959,722 voters went to the polls, and in rural areas – 1,607,385.

A total of 38,759 voters voted by mobile ballot.

In the 2016 parliamentary elections, the turnout in the country until 15.00 was 23.67%.

TIME 14:00 Presence of 16.68%. More than 3 million Romanians have voted so far.

  • Urban: 1,714,297
  • Rural: 1,363,437

The turnout 14.00 is 16.68%. Far below previous years: 20.23% in 2016, 20.56% in 2012 and 19.48% in 2008.

Counties with the largest presence

  • Mehedinti – 23.62%,
  • Teleorman – 20.96%,
  • Olt 20.88%,
  • Gorge – 19.95%
  • Dolj – 19.69%

Counties with the lowest turnout

  • Vaslui – 12.77%
  • Sat Mare – 13.64%
  • Maramures – 13.72%
  • Arad – 13.80%

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12:00 meeting 10.64% attendance

In the first five hours after the opening of the ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections, almost two million Romanians showed up at the polling stations.

According to official data, the turnout 12.00 is 10.64%.

Thus, 1768,757 voters voted on permanent lists, and 157,601 on additional lists. Another nearly 10,000 voters used mobile ballot boxes.

Most voters were registered in the Bend area, over 1.1 million, while in rural areas only 840,404 voters were registered in the first five hours.

The highest presence is registered in Mehedinti, of 6 is 15%. Presence of over 14% is also registered in Olt and Teleorman counties.

More than 18 million Romanians are expected to decide what the composition of Parliament will be for the next four years. 7,136 candidates registered for the 465 seats of deputy and senator in the electoral race.

In the 2016 parliamentary elections, the turnout was 39.49%.

11:00 presence over 7.60%. More than 1.4 million people have expressed their choice in country.

TIME 10:36

TIME 10:00 4.93% attendance

The turnout 10.00 is 4.93%. Lower than in the 2016 parliamentary elections (5.27%), but higher than in 2012 (4.52%) and 2008 (4.87%) Read more here

  • Urban: 530,197 people voted
  • Rural: 405,352 people voted

09:00 9:00 More than 500,000 Romanians voted. 2. 75% attendance. In 2016, at the same time the presence of 2.58%

Counties with the largest presence

  • Mehedinti 3.81%
  • Olt 3.80%
  • Telorman 3.66%

Counties with the lowest presence

  • Covasna 1.81%
  • Bistria Nasaud 1.95%
  • Vaslui 1.99%

Politicians by the vote

Ludovic Orban vote: “It is a decisive day for the subsequent evolution of Romania. Romanians have the power to decide in which direction Romania will go. I invite Romanians to take part in this fundamental decision for the fate of Romania,” Arban said after voting.

He added that he had voted for the development of Romania, for a dynamic, modern Romania, confident in its powers, to be respected at an international level. I voted for substantial reforms, for a clear Euro-Atlantic orientation of Romania, for a development plan that would allow the leap that Romania deserves.

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu said When he left the polling station, he voted for the opening of schools and for a concrete plan to fight the pandemic.

“I voted today that the Romanians should take back their lives. I voted today that Romania will have a concrete plan tomorrow and the specialists who can manage the pandemic and the economic crisis. I voted for those who need pensions, allowances, open schools. , But I voted against incompetence and indulgence.I voted for the Romanian producers, the Romanian companies, and I urge all Romanians to come to the polls today and to vote in the spirit of Saint Nicholas, which brings gifts for the good and for the Playful.

Among the first politicians to vote in the 2020 parliamentary elections are Gabriela Firea and Interior Minister Marcel Vela.

“I voted for the development of Romania, I voted for a better world,” Marcel Vella said at the polls.

8:00 a.m. Attendance of 1.31%. Over 235,000 Romanians voted.

  • Urban: 141,485
  • Rural: 98,240

19:30. More than 134,000 Romanians voted in the first 30 minutes after the opening of the polls. Voting turnout of 0.73%.

  • 1.03% OLT – The largest presence
  • 0.43% Hargita – The Lowest Presence

7:00 The voting has begun. Sections in the country have opened. Romanians are expected to go to the polls by 9 p.m. The first results of the parliamentary elections will be available on MediaFax at 9 o’clock at night.

Sunday, December 6, marks the parliamentary elections in Romania. In the elections, Romanians are expected to be the senators and deputies of the Romanian parliament in the next four years.

The official data provided by the Permanent Electoral Authority show that as of October 31, 2020, a total number of 18,981,242 citizens with the right to vote were registered in the Electoral Register.

In the diaspora, ballot boxes have been open since Friday night, starting with those in Auckland, New Zealand. In the parliamentary elections, 39,238 Romanians applied to register by ballot. Mostly from Great Britain – 9,224, followed by Romanians from Germany – 5772, then Italy – 3,378, Spain – 3,338 and France – 2,769. See here the vote for the parliamentary elections in the Diaspora.

Immediately after the closing of the polls, will present the first exit poll available in Romania for the 2020 parliamentary elections. The results of the CURS-Avangarde exit poll will be announced on Sunday, 21.00, immediately after the polls close, on This website The results of the exit poll do not take into account the votes of the exiles, the poll is conducted only for the polling station on Romanian territory.

Parliamentary elections 2020. Senators and deputies are elected by a vote, according to the principle of proportional representation

Parliamentary elections are held every four years and are elected by ballot 465 parliamentarians: 136 senators and 329 deputies. They will represent the citizens of every county of the country, but also the Romanians from abroad or national minorities.

According to the law regarding parliamentary elections, the number of seats in each county is decided according to the population. Thus, a deputy represents 73,000 inhabitants, and a senator 168,000 inhabitants.

According to this account, most representatives of the Legislature will come from Bucharest (13 senators and 29 deputies), followed by Iasi (5 senators and 12 deputies) and Continuous And Prahova (5 senators and 11 deputies). The counties with the fewest representatives are Kovasna, Kalarashi, Giorgio, Yalomits, Mehditny, Salag and Tulsa (2 senators and 4 deputies each).

7,366 candidates registered on the current voting lists, almost 1,000 more than 4 years ago. As in the local elections a few months ago, the elections for the 2020 parliamentary elections will take place under special conditions.

Vote for the 2020 parliamentary elections. List of candidates for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies

Parliamentary elections 2020. Frequently asked questions about voting

You can see more material on the topic of the 2020 parliamentary elections:

Two ballot models will be used in the parliamentary elections. Before the 2020 parliamentary elections, the vote will be by parties, a list or one of the independent candidates will be voted. See here What does the ballot paper look like?

You can consult the list of polling stations on the website or with the help of the site developed by the Permanent Electoral Authority.

Voters who are not sure where to vote for this year’s parliamentary elections can enter the electoral register gate, where any Romanian citizen over the age of 18 can find themselves in several steps where they can express their choice on Sunday 6 December 2020.

What are the rules you need to follow at the polling station, in the context of COVID-19

To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, the National Emergency Situations Committee has established a series of health regulations that must be followed in parliamentary elections. As it happened in September, all polling stations will have disinfectant solutions, and all citizens will have to wear a mask.

Upon entering the polling station, all participants will warm up and the voters for the parliamentary elections will be taken to the polling station so that they can spend as little time indoors as possible. At the wool stations, there will be no more than 5 voters simultaneously, and a distance of at least 1 meter will be ensured between them.

According to the latest regulations, the voter will be ordered to remove his mask within a short time to be identified, at a distance of at least 1.5 m from the computer operator and members of the polling station, and after identification, the voter will change his mask which The voter is the one who will “order the identity document or the identity document to support the computer terminal”, and finally, after exercising the right to vote, he will apply the sticker or the Stamp with the mention “VOTED” on the identity document.

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