OFFICIAL Day and Download! Dinamo today presented the "King"


Thursday, November 08, 12:45

According to Nasser Ali and Rachid Ait-Atman, Dinamo today added a player: Simon Zenke, 29 years old.

Dinamo formalized a new transfer: Nigerian right-hander Simon Zenke Terwas. He can move in all positions in the attack and was finally legitimized in the second Belgian league at Tubize.

In his career, Zenke played in Strasbourg B, Strasbourg, Samsunspore, Nancy, Istanbul BB, Şanliurfaspora, Karabukspor and Tubize.

Simon is proud of his surname. This is because "Zenke" in the language of the people of Tiva, the West African minority from which he is shot, means "king".

For the title, Zenke will play Diogo Salomão, Ivan Pesica, Sergiu Hanca and Deian Sorescu, players who can develop Dynamo's attacks.

28 played Zenke for Tubize, last season, in the second league of the Belgian championship. He also played for Tubize on the Belgian Cup in two matches with Oudenaard and Mouscron.

30goals were scored by Zenke in Turkish matches

51(Ligue 1, Ligue 2, French Cup and League Cup) have Zenke in Strasbourg and Nancy. He made three hits.

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