New ASUS LOGO Losses from SES 2019 come to Europe and soon Romania; We have prices!


If earlier this month Asus Present The latest raw laptops its at CES 2019Well, they already come to Europe. We also have some details about the debut and Prices For our country.

Among the new laptops is the ASUS Zephyr SDX 701, an ultra-slim graphics card with a graphics card running up to RTX 2080 with 8 GB of wram. It has the eighth generation of the Cor i7 processor and 17-inch Pantone Validated screen. This display has a 144Hz refresh rate and a very narrow frame.

Well, this model will be launched in Romania in February, at around 10,000 liters, with the RTX 1060 TI card. The terminal measures only 18.7mm in thickness and can be powered either with the regular AC adapter but also with the USB type-C port. It comes with the innovative, active, wide-bore, aerodynamic cooling system when the lid is raised.

Exciting Asus Rg Mothership Gz 700 He comes to Romania in the 2nd century. It is a kind of desktop replacement, in the form of a laptop with a special vertical support. It can cost around 4000 € and comes with an advanced cooling system. Keyboard detach and establish different usage scenarios.

The mothership has an aluminum case and comes with a 17.3-inch full HD screen with 144Hz refresh rate, 3ms GTG response time and G-sync technology. Inside the core is the Y9-8950 HQ Core processor and a RTX 2080 graphics card.

The ROG G703 also comes into Europe at the beginning of the year, with the eight generation of Intel processors on the inside, with Core Y9 as a flagship. We also have a 17 inch board, thicker case and more ventilation holes. The screen is equipped with a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time (GT G). It also has Hypertext Extreme Storage with the ability to connect 3 SSDs.

Another option for gamers is the ROG STRICS SCAR II series laptops designed for FPS. They come with 15.6 inch or 17.3 inch screens at 144Hz and 3ms response time. The 15-inch GL 504 GC comes with the RTX 2060 Ti graphics card and arrives in Romania next month. There are also streaks of models for mobile and aura sync synchronization lighting systems.

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