MMD launched two Philips Brilliance monitors with USB-C docking and


MMD launches monitors Philips 326P1H (31.5 “/ 80 cm diagonal) and Philips 329P1H (31.5” / 80 cm diagonal) monitors

The new monitors offer a built-in USB-C docking station with power delivery function, excellent image quality and a webcam equipped with advanced sensors for Windows Hello facial recognition. These monitors are ideal for architects and professionals for graphics, financial operators and other organizations that require performance monitors with a wide workspace. Philips monitors offer solutions for all professionals, but at the same time, they are an excellent choice for working from home.

Connectivity for any job

The Philips 326P1H and 329P1H monitors have a built-in USB-C docking station with power delivery (which allows the laptop to charge, with a power up to 90V). The monitor provides the ability for all additional peripherals and connections, such as keyboard, mouse, and RJ-45 Ethernet cable, to pass directly through the monitor’s docking station, and thus connect the laptop via a single USB-C cable to Monitor, the user benefits from a complete work setup. Philips 326P1H has a DisplayPort-out that allows you to connect multiple high-resolution monitors in series, using just one cable from the first monitor to the computer.

Increased comfort

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Details, color and high resolution are the terms for the two new monitors. Philips 326P1H offers a quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), which makes it easy to see every detail, while the Philips 329P1H offers an ultra-clearer 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160), which provides an impressive viewing experience. These visual features are the perfect response to a wide range of professional needs, not only for 3D graphics applications, but also for the financial sector, through the use of detailed spreadsheets. The monitors have an IPS panel that offers extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, which makes it possible to view the screen from almost any angle and always provide high color accuracy. These monitors offer increased productivity due to their generous size, protecting the eyes of the user thanks to flicker-free technology and lowblue mode. The 326p1h and 329p1h monitors also meet the TUV Rhineland A. Comfort standard to prevent eye fatigue caused by prolonged computer use.

Sustainability is a priority

In addition, the monitors are “green” due to the ecological design. Both models have a power sensor that detects if the user is in front of the screen and automatically reduces the brightness of the monitor when the user moves away, saving up to 80% energy costs. A perfect image with minimal energy consumption.

Both monitors are RoHS compliant, EnergyStar 8.0 and EPEAT certified and completely free of harmful substances such as lead, mercury and PVC / BFR. Moreover, the packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

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The Philips 326p1h monitor is available from the beginning of December at a recommended price of 2381 lei, and the Philips 329p1h monitor is available from the end of December at a recommended price of 3355 lei.

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